SUREedge® Migrator


As the world rapidly accelerates digital transformation, enterprises need to quickly embrace digitization and taken on new opportunities. SUREedge® Migrator helps rapidly migrates tens to thousands of machines and petabytes if data at scale from any infrastructure to any infrastructure, be it physical, virtual or the Cloud

Offering the fastest time to production, SUREedge® Migrator automates transformations such that any migrated application works in the target environment, regardless of its initial environment, eliminating unnecessary testing and hand tuning.

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How to use SUREedge® Migrator?

To use SUREedge® for migration to GCP, you must run an instance of SUREedge® at source site, on-prem or current cloud, and on target site which will be GCP. The source site instance provides the capability to capture and dedupe-replicate applications and data, while the on-GCP instance acts as the receiver, Storage and Recovery Manager at GCP.

Once the SUREedge® instances are running, the process is simple – just add a list of systems, physical or VMs, to be migrated, and create plans to move the systems in batches and execute the plan. You can also define consistency or recovery groups, set different IP addresses, vCPU, and memory while recovering. SUREedge® allows you to do incremental capture and update so that you can migrate, test in a sand-box without impaction production environment, apply final incremental updates, and cut-over with minimal or zero downtime.


Lower OpEx with easy workflow, automation without much supervision and extensive error reporting to help address any issues or misconfigurations in the customer’s environment.

Eliminate business disruption while migrating critical applications by doing a final sync to catch the latest delta changes to minimize the cutover time.


Eliminate time consuming and error prone manual tuning and ensure the minimum time duration from migration planning to full production operation.

Reduce CapEx, protect valuable investments and avoid vendor lock-ins while reducing migration time for custom solutions


Keep applications and data secure during the migration process, end-to-end.


Test migrated applications and data in sandbox without impacting production environment

Maintain business operations with:
– Fast, efficient and error free migration End to end integrity validation
– Consistent image at the destination at all times
– Simple rollback, if necessary


Reduce migration time by reducing amount of data to migrate on the existing WAN by taking advantage of the data reduction algorithms for data in flight.

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