SUREedge® DR


Sureline delivers DR based on point-in-time snapshot Recovery Points for any virtual, cloud or physical server and containerized application at the push of a button, from and to any similar or dissimilar systems and environments.

All the data, in flight or at rest, is globally deduplicated, compressed and encrypted to provide maximum efficiency and eliminate the risk of data compromise. The SUREedge® Enterprise Console provides enterprise wide multi-site management.

Offering the fastest time to recovery, SUREedge® DR automates recovery such that any protected application works in the DR environment, regardless of its initial environment. It is fully automated end-to-end and no manual intervention or other unnecessary steps are required to have full production restored.

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How to use SUREedge® DR?

To use SUREedge® for DR to the GCP, you must run an instance of SUREedge® on-prem, and on GCP. The on-prem instance provides the capability to capture and dedupe-replicate applications and data, while the on-Cloud instance acts as the receiver, storage and DR manager in the Cloud.

Once the SUREedge® instances are up and running it is easy to add a list of systems, physical or virtual, that need a DR. You then create plans that define the desired RPO/RTO and frequency of updates. You can also define consistency or recovery groups, set different IP addresses, vCPU, and memory while recovering, if needed.

Depending on your RTO objectives, SUREedge® will maintain:

Instant Recovery Copy : These are pre-built VMs images with the most recent updates, ready for Instant Recovery. The RTO for these systems are in the order of tens of seconds. These VMs will be powered-on only upon DR initiation to minimize cost.

On-Demand Copy : VM images will be kept in dedupe storage only. The VMs will be created upon DR initiation. The RTO for systems can be anywhere from fifteen minutes to a few hours depending upon the size of the VM. This is the most cost effective solution for systems that do not have stringent RTOs.

SUREedge® allows you to recover in a DR test network or a DR network, thus enabling you to conduct DR tests without any disruption to the production environment.


Supporting DR from any to any platform (cloud, hypervisor or hardware with customized support for selected solutions*)

Agentless architecture
Snapshot block-level replication process

Advanced point-to-point security with automatic encryption during transit and at rest

Test locally or at the destination

Instant and automatic failover

WAN throttling algorithms

Automated processes and data integrity verification

Supported Platforms