SUREedge® Appliance


SUREedge® Appliance allows organizations to move large amounts of data that cannot be transferred using a WAN within a reasonable period of time. The data is moved offline using the SUREedge® Appliance without utilizing the WAN bandwidth or taking weeks or even months to complete. The SUREedge® Appliance captures data from physical and virtual hosts, NFS and SMB.

No agents need

No agents need to be installed on production servers

Data Migration

Both static and evolving data can be migrated.

Compressed and Encrypted

All data is duplicated, compressed and encrypted

How does It Work?

A SUREedge® Appliance is shipped to the customer’s data center. The Appliance is connected and configured to the network over which it will capture the data. Using the Web-GUI interface, the IT admin initiates the data capture process from one or more servers or file shares. Data is de-duped, compressed, and encrypted inline on SUREedge® storage. After all the data has been captured, the SUREedge® Appliance seals the data and is shipped to the target cloud data center location. The data is then uploaded to the customer’s cloud account or servers in the data center. For the cloud, the customer logs into their cloud account and uses the SUREedge® Appliance cloud instance to rehydrate the encrypted data and place it in the production or DR environment. Once rehydration is complete, the data is completely erased from the SUREedge® Appliance. If evolving data needs to be migrated continually then, once the initial data has been rehydrated, the incremental changes can be sent over WAN to the target environment. This drastically cuts down the time to complete the initial full replication.