Google Cloud Platform

Migrating to GCP with SUREedge Migrator

On-Prem to GCP

Enterprises typically have a heterogeneous environment running applications on physical systems and virtual systems with different hypervisors. Clouds, including GCP, are typically built upon a standard hypervisor and underlying infrastructure. Any workload running on the Cloud must adhere to the standards of that Cloud. So while migrating workloads from on-prem to the Cloud, one must not only move data and applications but also convert them so that they are compatible with the Cloud.

Sureline’s SUREedge Migrator simplifies and accelerates the process of migrating to GCP from any source. By automating and providing a workflow for planning, capturing, and replicating in a secure (encrypted) bandwidth-friendly manner, SUREedge manages conversion to the GCP format and recovery at GCP without the usual complexity of migration.

Any Cloud to GCP

For customers considering transitioning from another cloud to GCP, SUREedge enables migration of workloads from their current Cloud provider to GCP.

Migration to GCP

  • SUREedge Instances at Source and GCP
  • Agentless Capture from Physical & Virtualized Environment
  • Dedupe Replication
  • Global Dedupe Storage
  • Many-to-OneMany-to-One
  • Transform to GCP compatible format
  • Recovery/Migration to GCP

How does Migration Work?

To use SUREedge for migration to GCP, you must run an instance of SUREedge at source site, on-prem or current cloud, and on the GCP target site. The source site instance provides the capability to capture and dedupe-replicate applications and data, while the on-GCP instance acts as the receiver, storage and recovery manager at GCP.

Once the SUREedge instances have been deployed at each site the process is simple: just add the list of systems (physical or virtual) to be migrated, then create plans to define the migrations and execute them. You can group the systems into plans as required, as well as define changes to the network configurations, vCPU and memory resources, and other attributes to be applied when recovering the systems. SUREedge Migrator also allows you to do incremental capture and update so that you can transfer and test without impact on the production environment and then perform final incremental capture and cutover with minimal downtime.