SUREedge® For Migration And DR To AWS

Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services that help organizations move faster, lower IT costs, and scale applications. These services are trusted by the largest enterprises and the hottest start-ups to power a wide variety of workloads including: web and mobile applications, IoT, data processing and warehousing, storage, archive, and many others.

SUREedge® is an Application Mobility technology for Migration and Disaster Recovery (DR) that is hardware agnostic and hypervisor agnostic. We bring enterprise Cloud strategy to life.

SUREedge provides technology and solutions for:

Migration – Moving to AWS (IaaS)

Securely & Easily migrate your workloads from any physical or virtual environment to AWS.

Disaster Recovery – DR to AWS

Protect your workloads on the cloud, between clouds or another data center

SUREedge® Methodology

SUREedge® removes the complexity associated with onboarding and DR. It enables IT personnel to follow a planned, controlled operation of migration and DR.

SUREedge® allows you to capture ANY system image and recover on AWS. SUREedge®’s capability to do incremental capture and updates allows to you migrate, test, apply final incremental updates, and cut-over with minimal or zero downtime. SUREedge®’s ultra-bandwidth friendly and secure dedupe replication also allows customers to migrate workloads within reasonable periods, as well as build DR solutions with stringent RPO/RTO requirements cost effectively.

Migration To AWS With
SUREedge® Migrator

On-Prem to AWS

Enterprises typically have a heterogeneous environment running applications on physical systems and virtual systems with different hypervisors. Clouds, including AWS, are typically built upon a standard hypervisor and underlying infrastructure. Any workload running on the Cloud must adhere to the standards of that Cloud. So while migrating workloads from on-prem to the Cloud, one must not only move data and applications but also convert it so that it is compatible with the Cloud.

SUREedge® Migrator simplifies and accelerates the process of onboarding to AWS from any source. By automating and providing a workflow for planning, capturing, and replicating in a secure (encrypted) bandwidth-friendly manner, SUREedge® manages conversion to AWS format and recovery at AWS without the usual complexity of migration.

Any Cloud to AWS

For customers considering transitioning from another cloud to AWS, SUREedge® enables migration of workloads from their current Cloud provider to AWS.

Migration to AWS

How does Migration Work?

To use SUREedge® for onboarding to AWS, you must run an instance of SUREedge® at source site, on-prem or current cloud, and on the target site, which will be AWS. The source site instance provides the capability to capture and dedupe-replicate applications and data, while the on-AWS instance acts as Recovery Manager at AWS.

Once the SUREedge® instances are running, the process is simple – just add a list of systems, physical or VMs, to be migrated, and create plans to move the systems in batches and execute the plan. You can also define consistency or recovery groups, set different IP addresses, vCPU, and memory while recovering. SUREedge® allows you to do incremental capture and update so that you can migrate, test in a sand-box without impaction production environment, apply final incremental updates, and cut-over with minimal or zero downtime.

DR To AWS With SUREedge® DR

SUREedge® and AWS offer a very cost effective DR solution for enterprises. The solution allows you to take true advantage of the Cloud by using only what you need and paying for what you use during normal operations. SUREedge® does not require hot standby systems in AWS for DR, but still provides aggressive RPO and RTO, thus minimizing the costs of operations.


How does DR Work?

To use SUREedge® for DR to AWS, you must run an instance of SUREedge® on-prem, and on AWS. The on-prem instance provides the capability to capture and dedupe-replicate applications and data, while the on-Cloud instance acts as the Recovery Manager in the Cloud. Note that the on-AWS SUREedge® instance is run only during recovery does minimizing operational costs.

Once the SUREedge® instances are up and running it is easy to add a list of systems, physical or virtual, that need a DR. You then create plans that define the desired RPO/RTO and frequency of updates. You can also define consistency or recovery groups, set different IP addresses, vCPU, and memory while recovering, if needed.

Depending on your RTO objectives, SUREedge® will maintain:

Instant Recovery Copy : These are pre-built VMs images with the most recent updates, ready for Instant Recovery. The RTO for these systems are in the order of tens of seconds. These VMs will powered-on only upon DR initiation to minimize cost.

On-Demand Copy : VM images will be kept in dedupe storage only. The VMs will be created upon DR initiation. The RTO for systems can be anywhere from fifteen minutes to a few hours depending upon the size of the VM. This is the most cost effective solution for systems that do not have stringent RTOs.

SUREedge® allows you to recover in a DR test network or a DR network, thus enabling you to conduct DR tests without any disruption to production environment.

Advanced Integration with AWS

SUREedge® has advanced integration to replicate directly to AWS-S3 thus eliminating the need for a live SUREedge® instance in AWS during normal operation. The SUREedge® instance on AWS-EC2 is powered on only when a recovery is needed. This allows customers to further reduce the cost of operation.

SUREedge® Advantage

Platform Agnostic

Capture from any source and recover to AWS


No agent installed on client systems. Built-in Application plugins used during runtime



Encrypted data at flight and at rest



Easy to deploy, install and operate


Active-Active Topology

Bi-directional replication between two SUREedge® instances. Minimize data transfer back for fail-back

Ultra-Bandwidth Friendly Global Dedupe Replication

Minimal bandwidth requirements / Minimized seeding requirements

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